Monday, October 27, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

After the hike, I rushed home and started making chili. I entered the chili cook-off our ward was having. I grabbed a recipe from Michelle's Mad House and started throwing stuff into a pot. It turned out quite good, and none was left to bring home. So I would say that is a success, even if I didn't take the title. And as you are aware, ward party's are always memorable. I was coaxed into dressing up, even though I hand't planned on it. So in my moments of desperation, I dressed up as Cruella D'Ville from 101 Dalmations. I had worn this before, so there wasn't much scrambling involved, but I did add to my costume some little puppies, donated by my good friend Will (Strobel's son). As you can see, they really made the outfit!

North Peak Hike

Well, Saturday was another fun day of hiking. We met at Red Rock Visitor's Center at 9 am and did some 4-wheelin' and hikin'. I went with my fellow co-workers, the Bruin Trailblazers. This time there were only 14 of us, but 2 actually ended up on a different hike. Not quite sure how that happened, but they had fun nonetheless. Here's a picture of the group, minus the picture takers, Kaz and Will. If you're thinking that I can't even add because there's only 8 in the picture + 2 taking it, that doesn't really add up to 14 - well, we had 2 stay at the bottom and explore around there.

We've got pictured in the back Wyatt, Burden & Strobel. Then in the middle Jackson, Hoak, Nelson, & Katie and Poindexter in the front. This was a 2.6 mile hike there and back and not terribly steep. However, in my rush, I did get heat exposed and lost my color vision. It was like that song, "Dreamin in color and Livin in black and white" sung by Billy Ray Cyrus for you non-country listeners. So, I laid down on the ground and drank a lot of water. Here I am getting up.
The day was beautiful, not a cloud in sight and low to mid 70's temp. Just beautiful. Even with my little incident, it was wonderful. I felt so good after the hike and I felt so alive and active. For some reason I forget how good exercising really is. Anyways, here's a few shots of the beauty of Red Rock Canyon. Maybe when you come to visit me, we can go hiking!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Sydney Nelson

I am so happy to see and hold little Sydney. She is so cute and precious. She and her mom came to visit me on their way home to California after staying 2 weeks in Utah. Here, she is 3 weeks old and so perfect. She was awake the whole time she was with me. It was so cute because after she ate she got the hiccups. I felt so sad for her, but had to laugh in spite of myself. I'm so happy for my little brother, Paul. He's starting his own little family. Brianna looks so good; motherhood suits her well. They will be moving from Lemore, California up to Seattle, Washington next year. They'll be moving farther, but hopefully airfare won't be that expensive now that they'll be closer to a major airport. This is our first girl baby on the Nelson side. That puts me up to 5 nephews and 1 niece now. It's amazing - the first time I saw her I recognized both Paul's and Brianna's features in her. With any luck, she'll grow out of dad's features and pick up more of Brianna's (love you Paul!).

Saturday, October 11, 2008

One Year Later

Well, I was shocked when I got my new name tag this year. I couldn't believe the difference between the two. I think here a picture is worth a thousand words!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Door Decorating Contest

We have a class in school that's one hour every Wed and Thur that's called advisory. I, being the lucky person that I am, have been writing the lesson plans for this class for the entire school since the beginning. It has been quite arduous and trying on my creativity skills. But, thanks to my many years of teaching, and teaching at a wonderful school in Utah, I remembered that we did door decorating contests in advisory. October is drug and violence awareness month. So in advisory we discussed drugs and violence, which is quite prevelent in our school, with our students. Then the following week we decorated our door. My students were so creative! I was so impressed with them. They really pulled together to accomplish, what I think to be the best door in the school. We have Spider-Man hanging from the Stratosphere shooting his web. You can see the Luxor and Wynn casinos also. Then across the hall, we have the web. The words above the door say, "My spidey sense tells me. . ." then on the web it says, "Stop the Violence Stop the Drugs". My kids were so proud of the job they did and they are hoping to win this competitions. But even if we don't win, we accomplished so much. The students were working with each other and helping each other. They also brought in cupcakes, cookies, and chips on the second day for a little party. I didn't have to do anything but provide the paper, tape and markers. It was very student led with minimal teacher direction. I was up all night thinking about what a terrific job they did. I have a great group of students this year that I am growing quite attached to. It's almost reminiscent of my first year teaching. These kids are very special to me.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Biggest Loser Update

Well, I don't have a picture, but wanted to post anyways to let you know what's going on. I am still eating healthy and have been drinking all my water. Just recently, I've been quite tempted to have a Coke, but have turned it down. I even got as close as to pouring a cup of Diet Caffine free Coke, but my good friends at school offered a me a water instead and drank my soda for me. It's nice to have such a good support system at school. I did get to the gym a couple of times with a friend from my ward, Andrea, and that was fun. But our schedules are so difficult (well, mostly mine) that we didn't get to go together as much as we wanted to. But, in the past 3 weeks, I've lost 10 pounds. That's more than my 5 weeks combined of bustin' my butt over the summer. I am so pleased that my weight is still continuing to drop and that I am getting closer to my goal. So, that makes a total of 17 pounds in 14 weeks. I guess I just needed a little time to trust the system of eating right and exercising more. I am more and more encouraged by this healthy way of living and know that it is a part my life.