Sunday, May 3, 2009

Race for the Cure 5K

I DID IT!!!!!!

Here we are, the Brinley Bruins Team who particpated in the Race for the Cure Breast Cancer 5K run. It was an amazing event, very well planned and executed. This is my first time being team captain and Jackie helped me through it. It was downtown at the Freemont Street experience. Starting from left to right we have Raja (science), Wendi (sister), Jan (mother), Jackie (trainer), Dave (father), Me, Cindy (math), Alyx (Cindy's daughter), Zach (Alyx's boyfriend), Will (Jackie's sone), Lindsay (English) and Jen (math). And Kristine (graphic artist) is taking the picture.

Amazingly enough, we met up with everyone before and after the race. There were so many people there out to support the cause; it is such a good thing to be a part of. I was there with a purpose and that was to run the entire distance with no walking and to beat my previous time. I am pleased to say that I accomplished both of my goals. My time was under 37 minutes and the first 2 miles were 11 minute miles. I am grateful for the love and support that many people have shown me and that has helped a lot. A couple of times I thought it would be so easy to just stop running and walk a little bit, but I knew I needed to meet this goal. I had told everyone about it and I promised myself to do this. Somehow I dug deep and finished. I gave it my all and that felt good.

Dad, Jan and Wendi came down to support me. Dad has been training with me and we have been talking a lot about this race. It has been fun to have discussions with him about health and nutrition as we both try to improve our health. He hadn't really prepared as much as he would have liked and had a sore calf muscle. So Wendi took his place in the timed event. She ran with me and it was nice to know she was there. Dad and Jan signed up for the 1 mile fun run and walked together with Jen, Cindy's group and cute, pregnant Lindsay.

What's next you might ask?? Well, Jackie made sure that this wasn't the end. I obviously still have more weight to lose (see above pics) and a life of healthy living ahead of me. So, Jackie found this race tailor made for me. It is the extra-terrestial 10K run out at Area 51 (the top secret place where all the UFO's are kept). I'm almost tempted to wear my Spock ears to this event. :) It is in August and I've got to really focus this summer on running twice the distance in half the preparation time as I had for my 5K. However this time I won't be starting at point zero (or actually in the negatives in my case). August you might wonder . . . in Las Vegas . . . am I crazy? Yes I think I am, but the run will be at midnight, so I'm hoping the temperature will come down to a cool 80 degrees if I'm lucky.


Annette said...

YIPPEE!! Way to go. I am proud of you. Keep running. A 10K at night sounds fun. You should do it. Keep up with the training.

Anonymous said...

Hey...did you get a copy of any pictures from David or Lori from the Memorial Day party yet? Especially our bbq chef?

Joy said...

You rock, Amy! I'm so proud of you...hugs!

Carston, Katrina and Isabelle said...

So much fun. I friends wants me to run for Breast Cancer next month here and sl... you could come up here and do it all again!!!