Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mom's Visit

After our day at the Springs Preserve, we went to Uncle Don's office to visit with everyone there. We got to see Uncle Don after his luncheon with the Over 50 club, Linda on her way out to Oceanside with her family, Brent, and Bruce. It was nice to have some time to visit with them; I don't get to see them that often which is a little weird seeing as I live in the same city, but life is busy for everyone. After our visit to Tingey & Tingey we drove home to rest for a little bit and to get ready for our Vegas show. I got these tickets for free for donating blood; yes they really want your blood here.
Steve Wyrick is an excellent magician and a great show if you ever get the opportunity to see it. It is in Planet Hollywood/Miracle Mile Shopping area. We went to the 7 pm show and it was so much fun. He did big and small tricks, but each one was impressive. He has a good stage presence and uses the audience a lot. That night was extra special because his mother was sitting a few rows behind us.

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