Sunday, February 1, 2009

Free Show on the Strip

After the race, I took a little nap and was woken by a call from Emily, a co-worker. She gets these free tickets to shows around Las Vegas and called to see if I wanted to go. It was tickets to Danny Gans and of course I wanted to go. I've heard such good things about his show, how delightful and clean and funny it is. So I got ready and we went down to the new Encore casino that opened recently. We both agreed that the decorations are quite hideous, sorry Mr. Wynn; I guess not if you like seeing red every where. The Danny Gans show doesn't officially open until next weekend, and he was offering this show to locals for free. He is a great impressionist, singer and comedian. He has a live band that plays with him and he is quite good. Some of the impressions were right on. It looked like he and his band were having a good time, which made us have a better time. Emily and I got front row seats!! All in all, it was a great ending to a great day.

My First 5K

My first 5K was yesterday, Saturday, January 31st. It was so much fun. I went with a team from my school and there were 22 of us. It was at Towne Center which is like running around Gateway Mall for a Utah connection. The day was so beautiful and the race started at 9 am. We arrived and met everyone else, got our electronic tags on our shoes and then lined up. My race number was 641. We took off running and I surprised myself by running for 5.5 minutes before deciding to walk. I then continued to run 3 minutes and recover for 3. It was so fun to be with a lot of people accomplishing the same outcome. My two goals was to run at least half of it and make it in under 40 minutes. And I am pleased to say that I accomplished both of these goals. My official time was 38:33.

This is only possible because of my great support system of friends and family. Jackie and Lindsay have been instramental in getting me to this point. And this is only the beginning, so they tell me. I've now started and need to improve my time and hopefully by the May Race for the Cure I will be running the entire race. I'll keep you posted.