Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brianna's Baby Shower

Since Paul and Brianna were up here in Utah, we decided to throw Brianna a baby shower. OK, not really me, but I helped. It was at Brianna's mom's house, Corby, and Brianna's family, friends and ward members showed up. It was so much fun and very simple, the best kind of baby shower. I helped and wrote down who gave her what gifts. Surprisingly enough, she only duplicated on a few gifts (she got 3 bouncers).
I think this is a great picture of all the girls in the family - starting from back to front: Wendi, me, Brianna, Jan and Lisa.

Copper Mine part 2

So here's everyone who went to the Kennecot Copper Mine (except Jan - she's taking the pictures). From left to right: Paul, prego-Brianna, Treyson, Amy, Jaxon, Nikolus, and Hunter.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Copper Mine

Jan had promised her grandsons that she would take them to the copper mine. That would include Hunter, Nikolus, Jaxon and Treyson. She didn't want to go it alone, and asked if I would like to to go with them. Of course, I can never turn down good quality time with my nephews, so I went along. Kennecot Copper Mine is a great place for my nephews. There's tons of big trucks around, lots of machines and cool stuff for them to experience. The weather was perfect; overcast with a slight breeze. Jaxon and Treyson are so fun to put them in things, and they are so willing. Hunter is standing next to the life-size bronze statue of a miner. After visiting the museum and watching the trucks move a lot of dirt, we went to Subway for lunch and then back home. Paul and Brianna are in from California and they went with us as well. I would more pictures, but they are on different cameras. I'll try to get a pic with everyone posted soon.

Week 3

I haven't had the best results. This week, I gained 0.4 pounds. I spoke to a nutrition counselor and she assured me that I didn't gain any fat. There's no way I could with the work out schedule I've been maintaining. She looked over my food journal, which I've been keeping meticulously, and said that she is impressed. She thinks I might not be eating enough. I can hardly believe that!! I've added in some classes more and more which makes the work-outs fun and mixes up the different muscles I use. This week I went to the Dance Jam in the evening and then followed it up with a fusion class which uses Tai Chi. Trust me, I can still feel the sore in my muscles now 2 days later. The counselor recommended the cycling class, which I will try next week. I'll let you know. This obviously is a mental battle as well as a physical battle. After putting in so much hard work and not getting any results is difficult to keep going. I don't think I've even lost any inches; my clothes feel the same when I put them on. Lorrie and I are about ready to throw in the "sweaty towel" since we aren't getting any type of noticeable results. But, we get lots of encouragement from family. James, my brother-in-law, is always so positive and has lots of good words of support to keep me going.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Week 2

Week 2 has come and gone and still the weight loss continues to go slowly. I am very surprised at how hard losing weight really is. The good news is, I lost 1 more pound than last week, but that isn't saying much. My goals are out the window as to how much weight I was going to lose over this 6 week period. The good news is that I am feeling much stronger and more confident. I am definitely feeling muscles that I never knew I had before. I attended a dance jam class at the gym and had a great time. It was fun and worked the total body. I will definitely attend this class again. I went to this barbell class that literally kicked my butt. It was the hardest class ever and every muscle in my body hurt; for days after too. My sister, Wendi, recommended the class and I left the gym and went strait to her house and gave her a piece of my mind. I don't know if I'll take that class again, maybe when I'm stronger.

For our "challenge hike" this week, we hiked up to Ensign Peak. It is a short, steep hike with an amazing view at the top. They have a little plaza at the base of the trail with informative plaques describing why this peak is important to Utah history. I learned that the monument atop the peak is 18.47 feet tall, in memory of the year 1847. As we were hiking up, a young men's group came. They were from Las Vegas and some of the boys had attended Brinley Middle School (the school I teach at). It was fun to talk with them and their leaders. The stake president gave a little talk at the top of the peak and they invited us to join. It was a fun day. I enjoy hiking and am glad I have the opportunity to go while I'm here in Utah.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Week 1 of Biggest Loser

Well, after one week, this is where I'm at. Not much of a change except I feel better and stronger. Not much weight came off, but some did. It was very disheartening that I didn't lose more weight for the first week. It was very difficult to keep on going and I'm trying to have faith in this process. You see so many different lose weight quickly programs and you want it so bad. But eating right and exercising is the best way to do it. We've been to the gym 6 days doing treadmill, weights, bike, and swimming. We're usually working out between 1.5-2 hours each day. Hopefully, next week I'll have better news and have higher spirits.

We had a temptation this week, called life. We decided that our temptation for the week would be if we could eat right during all the BBQ's around the 4th of July. I had a BBQ on the 3rd with my high school friends (Dan & Jen, Debbie & Mike, Lorrie & Scott, and Kristen). Then there was a parade and BBQ in the morning and another BBQ in the evening with fireworks. There was so much good food, but I was strong. I didn't have any of the salads with mayo dressings (which was all of them), no chips & dip, no baked beans, no desserts, no soda, . . . nothing. I had hamburger with one bun loaded with lettuce and tomato, fresh fruit and vegetables and water. I tried to stay out of the kitchen to remove myself from the temptation of all my favorite foods. So overall, I'm pretty impressed with myself.

Our challenge for the week was to hike up Donut Falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon. You can see how it got its name, the water runs right into this hole and comes out a little bit further down. It was so much fun! Lorrie brought her whole family up with her, which made it even more fun (or funner as Alex would say). There's a little bridge that crosses the river, and Alex (Lorrie's daughter) was trying to get on the bridge through the water. Needless to say, she fell in. The water is quite cold from all the snow run-off and is quite high. Lorrie ran towards her and lifted her out single-handedly (it must be all the working out at the gym). Alex was soaking wet and quite scared.

We then, after being invigorated by the hike, decided to go up to Brighton and walk around Silver Lake. They have a boardwalk around the lake and it's just a short mile around. We ran into a small family at both places and they mentioned going over Guardsman Pass. It was a beautiful day and just perfect for a little adventure. Once over the top, we headed into Park City and drove thru Historic Main Street and stopped for lunch. Then down Parley's Canyon to Salt Lake. It was a wonderful morning of hiking and sight-seeing.